Precision Engineering. Precision Machining: 3, 4, & 5 axis machining centres. 3D Machining

How We Do It


  1. CNC programming from drawing or any CAD file.
  2. CNC Mill (High Speed) up to 2134mm X 1016mm X 762mm (including Hass VF5ss, VF9, VF6ss, DT2 and UMC750SS)
  3. CNC Turn up to 3000mm X 420mm ( including Puma 3100ULY, 400XLM, 2600M and 2800M)
  4. Full machine tool list available on request.
  5. Integrated Co-bots used in production.
  6. Machining in Polymers; Pressco have a vast experience in machining LSG (Life Science Grade) and Industrial Grade Plastics, including, but not limited PVDF, PTFE, PPS, PEEK PBI and Vespel. Also ESD & Antistatic polymers including Semitron, CleanStat and Pomalux.